Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday was my best friend's birthday so we went out to lunch with her mom at place recommended by my yoga teacher. I had driven by Parma (just off Summerlin Pkwy on Buffalo) but hadn't ventured in until now. The chef has owned several other eateries in town but I can't remember being particularly impressed by the one I had eaten at. I think this is why I had never made a point of going, but after getting the recommendation and reading several reviews, I decided to try it. Perhaps he has evolved as a chef, or perhaps he has found his niche with this cute little deli, because I was pleasantly surprised by our lunch. We shared spinach manicotti, gnocchi in Sunday sauce, and a chopped salad. The salad was dressed properly and had the perfect amounts of cheese, salami, peppers, and onions. The spinach manicotti was stuffed with plenty of spinach and ricotta cheese and served in a deliciously creamy sauce. The gnocchi were light with a bit of chewiness (it is obvius all the pasta is made in house) and served in Sunday sauce, which was really the same sauce that covered the manicotti, but without cream. Sunday sauce is the term Italian New Yorkers gave to marinara because every Sunday this is what they would eat. Usually it is served in copious amounts, as you can see in the picture below, which is very un-Italian, and is generally poured over the noodles rather than tossed with them. Since I lived in Italy I prefer for pasta to be lightly dressed in sauce, but the bread they serve at Parma is very good so I was happy to have something to dip it in. We finished the meal with a piece of moist Limoncello cake topped with whipped cream frosting. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful lunch enjoyed in true Italian style - long and talkative!

I would like to go back and try Parma for dinner. At lunch they have a limited menu, which no doubt contributes to the success of each dish, and you order at the deli counter. About half the restaurant has tables and the other half is a deli/market/lounge area with big comfy couches. It seems like it would be a great place to go back and share a bottle of wine in the lounge, and then move into the restaurant area to enjoy items from the more extensive dinner menu. I will let you know if dinner is as good as lunch.

Today's Food Rating: 7.5
Ambiance: 7
Would I go back? YES

Tip: Pick up some freshly prepared pasta and one of their home-made sauces for an easy dinner.

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