Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mundo - A Culinary Haute Spot

Today we dined at Mundo in the World Market Center for lunch. This is my 4th visit since they opened last month (we're desperate for good restaurants downtown) and I am continuously intrigued by the descriptions on their menu. I passed on their delicious margaritas today to try sangria, which was excellent. If you had the chance to go to La Madonna, the previous restaurant owned by the chef of Mundo, you have probably tasted and enjoyed a similar version.

This afternoon I had the chicken tortilla soup, which I have ordered before, because it has an incredibly flavored broth that really sets it apart from other chicken tortilla soups I've had. It is seasoned with epazote which helps to give the soup a rich full-bodied taste is responsible for the deep red hue. Ian had the short rib tamale which was also delicious. The tamale dough wasn't dried out as it sometimes can be and the sweet bits of corn gave it a nice texture. The shortribs that were busting out of the husk made for a lovely presentation. I tried to get a better picture but Ian wanted to eat so the one below is the best I could get.

If you get the chance to go to Mundo don't skip on any of their soups or the Mexican risotto, served as a side. We didn't order the risotto this time since it is very heavy but if you're hungry it's a must!

Today's Food Rating: 8
Today's Drink Rating: 9
Ambience: 8
Would we go back? YES

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