Saturday, February 27, 2010

Parma Again

After telling Ian about Parma, I had to go back with him so he could try their food as well. He ordered a half of a Parma sandwich (pictured left) and I ordered the antipasto salad and a cup of Pasta Fagioli soup. Although we ordered different items than I did the last time I was there, everything was just as good, so I'm glad they seem to be consistent in the quality of their offerings.

There aren't too many places in Vegas giving the same kind of attention to sandwiches that Parma does, so we were impressed. The bread it was served on was crusty and chewy, so much so you needed a little jaw strength to tear it (in a good way). The imported Italian meats and cheeses stuffed inside were great, and we liked the use of very finely shredded lettuce on top. The sandwich was dressed well with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, which gave just the right amount of acidity to cut through the fat in the meat. It was quite the bargain, too, at $5.95 for an oversized half that could easily have been sold as a whole.

The antipasto salad ($11) was also a bargain for its size as it could easily feed two people with not much else. It was basically the same thing as the Parma sandwich, minus the bread, with the addition of imported olives, garbanzo beans, artichoke hearts, and a more lettuce. The Pasta Fagioli soup was $5 for a cup, which was served in a rather large bowl. In fact, I think a bowl ($8) would be too much for one person. This was definitely one of the better pasta fagioli soups I can remember having, for several reasons. There was an adequate amount of the rich broth (sometimes all you get is beans and pasta), the pasta was cooked perfectly (usually overdone and mushy), and there was a lot of flavor from good parmesan cheese. Next time I feel like a big bowl of soup, this will be the soup I envision having. Two thumbs up for Chef Marc.

Today's Food Rating: 8 (some points were deducted since the dishes weren't terribly creative and they can't take credit for making the meats)


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