Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mundo Again

Since I've already reviewed Mundo I'm just going to do a quick breakdown of what we ordered and how it tasted.

Signature Margarita - Thumbs up! I would definitely get it again.

Guacamole - This had a poor presentation and was definitely prepared in advance. It also needed a kick. I would not order it again.

Garden Quesdilla appetizer - This was tasty but not too interesting. There was not enough "garden" and a it was a little heavy on the cheese. Also, someone should tell the chef that sun-dried tomatoes are not the same as oven-roasted tomatoes. I would probably not order this again, though I liked the white bean relish on top.

Arrachera Style Skirt Steak - This dish is full of flavor which is significantly enhanced by the accompanying chimichirri and spicy serrano chile drizzle. I would absolutely order this again.

Corn Risotto side - This wasn't quite as good as I had remembered but I still love the concept and would order it again.

Chicken Enchiladas - This was another winning entree with just the right amount of heat from the fresh sauce. The chicken inside was tender and well-roasted so I would certainly order this again.

Flan - This is as good as any other I've had in town, but my mom argued it wasn't quite as good as the caramel custard she made all the time in college (she's a great cook so I believe her). The presentation was beautiful, so it was an all around successful dessert and I would order it again.

My dad - He is the ever generous host and terrific dinner companion. I would definitely take him with me again.

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