Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bj's Brew House

This morning we had intended to go to Vintner Grill for brunch, however, their website hadn't been updated showing their reduced hours so we ended up going to BJ's Brew House nearby. Although we prefer to patronize independent restaurants since chains aren't usually too exciting, we find you can get decent food at reasonable prices and the food is always consistent. Obviously everyone else must feel the same because you don't see too many of them closing once they've opened, and well, just look at every street corner in urban areas.

I ordered the "French Toast Combo" ($7.95, pictured above) but subbed the adult french toast for the children's Cap'n Crunch coated and fried french toast. I don't know why you'd order sugar-coated and deep fried food for your child but it sounded pretty good so I though I'd give it a whirl. The eggs came out nice and hot and the apple-smoked bacon was of decent quality, but not crispy enough for my taste. The french toast was especially crispy but did not fall into the category of "lightly fried" as the description on the menu suggested. At first I thought it was alright but then I pressed down with my fork and saw oil starting to pool. Yuck. I reluctantly cut into the other piece which was astonishingly better. The Cap'n Crunch taste was nowhere to be found but it was much lighter and a fun version of french toast. Ian had the grilled chicken and cheese stuffed baked potato ($8.95). The Alfredo sauce that accompanied it tasted like it was straight out of a bag of Bertolli's frozen pasta (really bad) and the potato was unexciting. It was definitely a GMO potato if I'd ever seen one; just look at the size of the thing (pictured below). What is America coming to...

Today's food rating: 5.5 (the extra half point came from the second piece of french toast)
Ambiance: 7
Would we go back? PROBABLY NOT

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