Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dinner at Home: Rib-eye and Root Vegetables

Tonight we prepared a rib-eye that was sent to us by the butcher who makes our dog food at The Butcher Shop in Oregon. This is the kind of steak that makes you question why you pay so much for a comparable steak served at a place that charges more than five times as much. Of course, the person preparing the steak (Ian) makes a big difference, but no matter how well you cook, you can't change the quality of meat you started with. It was so juicy, so well-marbled, so full of flavor, and so unlike the steaks available in Vegas, even the better shops, i.e. Larry's Great Western Meats and Whole Foods. With the exception of the top notch Strip steak houses, you just can't get meat like this here.

The primary reason we chose The Butcher Shop as the supplier of meat for our dog food is that we were so impressed by the quality of meat they have access to. Additionally, their prices are much more reasonable than anywhere else since they get all their meat directly from the farmers and cut out the middle men (this steak cost us about $7, where as a comparable steak at Whole Foods would have cost us at least $20). It was only after contracting the making of our dog food to Cam and Brian at The Butcher Shop that we decided to put some meat for ourselves on the pallet that was already headed south. Yes, our dogs are that spoiled. My dad says that we should sell this meat, but perhaps only to the people who buy our dog food. We'll start thinking about that...

Besides the glorious steak, Ian prepared some heirloom carrots and organic parsnips roasted with olive oil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, shallots, and agave nectar, which he finished with touch of butter and chicken stock (combining the latter two over a flame at the very end of the roasting process creates a shiny and mouth-watering glaze). It wasn't a fancy dinner, but the simplicity made it all the better. His catering services are available for parties of 20 or fewer. Inquire via

Tonight's Food Rating: 8.5
Ambiance: 9 (Nothing beats a delicious meal at home, however, points were deducted because the smoke from Ian's blackening spice makes it hard to see, let alone breathe. I'm looking forward to outdoor grilling in the summer.)
Would we prepare this again? ABSOLUTELY

Plated dinner

Root vegetables pre-roasting

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