Monday, May 31, 2010

Four Kegs

I can't think of a more Americanized version of an Italian dish than stromboli, so it is only appropriate that the Four Kegs, a humble sports bar, would have the best version in Vegas. After hearing about these strombolis on one of our favorite Food Network shows, 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,' Ian and I decided to visit this hole in the wall located in the same shopping center as Full Ho. Upon entering this particular dive we were shocked at the popularity, but upon discovering that draft beer was only $2.50/pint we immediately solved the first part of the puzzle, +2.

Next came the salad ($1.75). It was a watery mess of iceberg and iceberg, which was so bad I couldn't bring myself to take a picture, -1. At least it was fresh? At this point, we were hoping that something redeeming could come out of the kitchen. We were then hit with the Cajun fries ($2.95), which, seeing how there was nothing Cajun about them, should have been described as vegetarian chicken wings. I love Frank's Red Hot and ranch dressing just as much as the next Mid-Westerner (I feel I can pass judgement on the use of these ingredients because Ian is from Missouri and I've spent ample time perfecting my Velveeta cheese dip making abilities) but soggy fries just don't cut the mustard, -1.

Finally the stromboli ($8.49) arrived. Stroboli, believe it or not, is also the name of an island off the coast of Sicily, which is a noteworthy place because of its continuous and patterned volcanic eruptions over the last 20,000 years. The stromboli at the Four Kegs isn't quite as miraculous, but was an explosion of tastiness nonetheless. The exterior was crispy and browned, and the filling was appropriately cheesy, meaty, and saucy. Is it hard to make something taste good with these components? Not really, but the expertly constructed crust and price makes this dish a winner. The technique of Mario is to be commended, because he is able to thoroughly cook every bit of the crust without burning it or leaving a trace of doughiness. This is a feat most bakers in the States would have a hard time accomplishing. We only finished half of it, but I give it a solid +5.

At a +5 overall rating, I will label the Four Kegs as a cheap place to get a filling and above average meal, but stick with the Stromboli and beer. I promise you'll leave happy if you follow those words of advice.

Today's Food Ratings:
Cajun (or not) Fries: 4.5
Salad: 2.5
Stromboli: 8

Restaurant Rating: 5


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