Saturday, May 1, 2010

Snaps in The Cannery

Ian and I had a booth at the Silver State Kennel Club dog show, which took place all the way out on East Flamingo and Boulder Highway. Before setting up we need to grab some grub so we headed into the Cannery after reading positive remarks about their Mexican restaurant. Sadly, Casa Cocina (doesn't that just mean 'house of kitchen'?) is only open for dinner so we went to Snaps, their diner. Well, as you may have guessed the meal was pretty dull, but the highlight was the chicken soup. It was made from scratch, had a lot of flavor, and was well-seasoned. Most suprisingly, the egg noodles (someone in the kitchen knows the right noodles to use for chicken soup) were perfectly cooked without an inkling of sogginess. Had I ordered a bowl rather than a cup and passed on the sorry excuse for parmesan onion rings and cafeteria side salad I would have been quite happy. Just a little FYI in case you find yourself in the East Side Cannery and need something snappy....

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  1. How neat! I just found your blog & were always looking for good places to eat in Vegas. We are from Arkansas & haven't found many places we LOVE here. I do like Cafe Rio & Create. Have you been to those places? I MISS Cracker Barrell, or somewhere with good home cooking & a Mexican restaurant that serves white cheesedip! Doesn't exist out here :P Look forward to reading your blog...