Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Canyon Ranch Cafe

A few weeks ago my mom and I spent the night at the Palazzo, attached to which is the mega-spa Canyon Ranch. Since I'd had a leftover gift certificate from the spa with a measly $30 remaining on it (measly because a 50 min. massage is at least $150 with tip) I decided to go downstairs and have a healthy breakfast, while she enjoyed the toasted bagel and cream cheese ($4) she sent me down to a hotel coffee shop to get for her as she got ready. I sat at the counter reading the Vogue magazine I tried to conceal as I waited for the mushroom frittata ($14) I ordered. When it arrived, I was in love with the presentation. I have a weakness for dishes/kitchenware/anything that is manufactured in miniature proportions, so the little cast iron ramekin filled with puffed golden brown eggs that were studded with mushrooms immediately pleased my eyes. Then I took a bite. Not only were the eggs as hard as rocks but they were completely devoid of flavor and the accompanying potatoes were terribly undercooked. Being the high maintenance woman I am (when it comes to food), I sent it back and tried my Vegas luck with the breakfast relleno ($13). This was a poblano pepper stuffed with organic eggs and chorizo topped with low-fat cheese over polenta. This was much better, however, no matter how hard I tried to like it (and I really did try), after a few initial piping hot bites the flavor started to take a turn for the worse and I was reminded of its uber-heathiness. I enjoy healthy food, in fact I love it, but I don't believe in eating something healthy if you don't think it tastes great, or if it is over-priced. So, I consumed my two small cups of decent fresh fruit dressed in lemon juice, asked for the check, and headed back to the room to share my mom's more satisfying bagel.

TIP: The spa isn't worth going to either, unless it is a really slow day. It is huge in order to accommodate herds of people, so if you go on a crowded day you don't get the serene spa experience you are hoping for.

Today's Food Rating:
Frittata: 3
Breakfast Relleno: 5

Restaurant Rating: 5

Would I go back? NOT EVEN WITH A GIFT CARD (nice presentation, though)

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