Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Finds: Heaven's Cookie

These addictive little morsels are handmade locally and are available in the bakery departments of Las Vegas' Whole Foods. I passed by them several times before I purchased my first box since the price seemed a little steep, $6.69 for a small box. I finally gave in because, as a fellow local vendor in Whole Foods, I wanted to support another Vegas-based business. After one bite I realized I was crazy for not giving in before. These all-natural and hand-rolled cookies are made with pure ingredients, of which there are only seven (hurrah!), and have a buttery short bread taste. They are studded with Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips (a white chocolate version is also available) and are perfectly bite-sized. I have two of the cookies with my coffee every morning and it gets my day off to the perfect start. The owner, Jan, is most ingenious in her use of brown rice krispies, which give the cookies a unique texture and keeps them light and airy. An added benefit of purchasing the cookies is that a portion of the proceeds goes to shutting down puppy mills, a passionate mission of Jan's and the reason she started the company. So, despite the hefty price tag, the reward is three-fold. Support a local vendor on a quest to shut down puppy mills while enjoying a most delectable little cookie!


  1. I just tried these, and they are great!

  2. They are indeed very tasty. Found at my local WF in Irvine,Ca