Monday, June 14, 2010

Bachi Burger

If the off-Strip food scene of Las Vegas is destined to emulate the original neighborhood restaurants that make up the great American food cities, then Bachi Burger is one of the quirky places that will help pave the way. With Asian-inspired burgers, house-made Japanese pickles, and boba milk teas alongside delicate salads, truffle fries, and Portugese donuts, it appears the chef is a bit scatter-brained, but almost all of his creations are well-balanced and skillfully executed.

The juicy burgers are served on grilled sweet rolls - a unique approach. The more creative burgers are better than the plain versions, though I wasn't crazy about 'The Crusty Crab.' The sweet chutney was quite tasty, but there wasn't enough textural complexity so the soft crab cake and soft bun ended up tasting mushy in tandem. I really enjoyed 'Kiki's Burger' with sautéed Shiitake & Eryngi mushrooms, caramelized bacon and sweet onion marmalade, gruyere cheese, and a garlic chili aioli on the side ($8, pictured above), as well as 'The Lonely Bird,' made from ground chicken and turkey topped with herb pesto, lettuce, tomato, and onion ($7.50). I'm not sure about soy alongside pesto (soy is in all the burgers), but the patty was juicier than most beefless burgers I've had.

The salads are light and fresh, though they are a little too upscale for a burger joint and therefore fairly expensive for their size. The oriental chicken salad with organic jidori chicken breast was my favorite ($9), but maybe that's just because it went better with the theme of the restaurant. I love the Japanese pickles that change regularly, and for $3 they make the perfect amuse. The garlic butter and truffle edamame ($3) and crispy sweet potato fries with yuzu citrus aioli ($4) are worth ordering, but pass on the shrimp toasts which are more interesting on paper than on a plate.

Once Bachi Burger refines a few of their menu items and improves the vibe of the space, I believe it will become very successful. The prices are right and you won't find food like it elsewhere in Vegas, so it's on my list of recommended restaurants.

Food Ratings:
Kiki's Burger: 8.5
The Lonely Bird: 8
Crusty Crab: 6.5
Truffle Edamame: 7.5
Sweet Potato Fries: 9
Shrimp Toasts: 4
Beet Salad: 7.5
Oriental Chicken Salad: 8
Cobb Salad: 7.5

Restaurant Rating: 7


The Lonely Bird
Beet Salad
Cobb Salad
Oriental Chicken Salad
Japanese Pickles
The Crusty Crab
Sweet Potato Fries
Truffle Edamame
Shrimp Toasts


  1. I live nearby Bachi Burger and have eaten there several times. Your review is spot on. The Crusty Crab is my least favorite item on their menu so far. But everything else has been great. My only complaint is that the wait time between order and service is a little long. Especially when you're there on your lunch break! Hopefully they'll get that smoothed out too.

  2. Bachi Burger has fast become my cost effective foodie favorite in Las Vegas, its right up there with the high standards standards of Lotus, Sen, and Naked Fish. I think you may have ordered the most uninteresting of the burgers, try the Ronin, Kalbi, and thinly sliced Angus (with Blue cheese IMO) for the best Bachi Burger experience. Your take on the lonely bird, kiki's burger, the Japanese pickles and the most amazing sweet potato fries I have ever had is spot on, I think when you go back and try more of the menu your will be very pleasantly surprised. Also, the home made Lyche soda is a must!

  3. Thanks for the tips *TT*! I will definitely order your recommendations next time I go. I'm especially looking forward to the lychee soda, as the mango milk tea boba was too heavy for my taste. Also, Spcialt is right about the wait. It's not ridiculous as I've always been able to get out of there in about 40 minutes, but if your lunch commute is more than ten you'll be late back to work.