Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Un-Frugal Foodie: Postrio

Last week Ian and I went with my dad to Postrio, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the Venetian. The entire decor and the menu have both recently been remodeled, changing the vibe to an upscale bar and sophisticated grill. This has made a world of difference (I was never impressed with the restaurant prior to this change)! This was our second time coming back, and while everything is very good, a few items particularly stood out.

The Korobuta pork schnitzel with Austrian potatoes and whole grain mustard sauce that my dad ordered was fantastic (Ian and I had it last time), and is one of Puck's personal comfort foods so worth trying. The pork is pounded thinly and lightly pan fried, and rests on a bed of lemon and herb dressed fingerlings. It is also served with a cooling cucumber yogurt sauce and mini sald of teardrop tomatoes. There is nothing wrong with this dish at all, and I can't imagine it being any better in Puck's home country. There was nothing wrong with Ian's dish either, which unfortunately was only a special for the evening. This was a large portion of two perfectly roasted quail served on a bed of fluffy gnocchi and freshly shucked spring peas, bathed in a rich and intensely flavored reduction. This should become a permanet fixture on the menu because it really was amazing. My entree of steamed black mussels with white wine, garlic, grilled sourdough lavishly spread with bernaise was very good, but somewhat disappointing in comparison to the version at his restaurant, Spago, in Beverly Hills. At Spago the mussels were petite and sweet, making it unique from other versions of steamed mussels, and the bernaise was prepared with a bit more skill. It's hard for me to evaluate the mussels here without thinking of the mussels there, so while the comparison was fun, I'd order something else next time.

The appetizers we had were good but I wasn't nearly as impressed with those as I was with the entrees. We had the mesquite grilled steak skewers with creamy celery salad and house made steak sauce, and the charcuterie plate with grilled bread, artisan cheese, and marinated olives. The former was good but didn't taste terribly original (the little salad was the best part) and the latter was missing a sweet element and could have used some work on the presentation. I understood from a business perspective that they were trying to make it look like a huge portion, but I prefer something that looks a little less like a deli tray when I order charcuterie.

I forgot to write down the prices, and they aren't showing up online (I hate when restaurants hide this), but I can assure you Postrio is pricey. My advice would be to skip on the apps (or at least those that we got), get an entree, and limit your drinks if you want to experience the restaurant without breaking the bank. Oh, and eat lots of bread - it's fantastic.

Tonight's Food Ratings:
Korobuta Pork Schnitzel: 9.5
Quail Special: 9.5
Mussels: 8
Charcuterie: 7
Steak Skewers: 7

Restaurant Rating: 8.5

Tip: Make a reservation and request a table on the "patio" for good people watching and a great view of the faux St. Mark's Square.
Quail special
Charcuterie platter
How cute is this?!

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