Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shuseki update

Ian and I went back to Shuseki yesterday and though the experience was still good, and certainly frugal, I feel the need to apologize for my premature rave review of the spicy pork miso ramen. The broth just wasn't as flavorful this time, and the sesame seeds had all but disappeared. I wouldn't discourage anyone from ordering it, as it still possessed some of the same wonderful qualities, however, I feel as if I was too favorable initially. There was definitely a different chef in the kitchen. I guess that is why a critic should test a restaurant, and the same dish at a restaurant, more than once before reviewing. Local chef Jet Tila described this in a way I love. In his Las Vegas Weekly food blog he writes "Eating at any interesting restaurant is like a new relationship, not a one-night stand. You have to go back at least two or three times to really start to get it." I suppose the last time the restaurant was on it's best behavior and put a little more effort into making a good first impression. I normally report after at least a couple of experiences, but sometimes I get so excited about an experience my patience is tried. For that, I apologize. I can't promise I won't continue to do so, but I do promise to be a bit more careful in the future.
Besides the ramen, we did try a unique dish that my father recommended after his visit, the Chikuwa Garlic, or garlic squid (pictured above). This was a version of calamari that was ultra tender and submerged in seasoned panko crumbs. Some bites were too salty due to the abundance of crumbs, yet the overall texture was soft without being mushy, and I'd never had anything quite like it. At $4.99 it's definitely worth a try, just don't hold me responsible if it doesn't call you ever again.

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