Monday, March 8, 2010

Three Angry Wives

On Sunday Ian and I went to Three Angry Wives Irish Pub in Summerlin specifically to get a sandwich that was recommended to us. This was the Chicken Cobbler Ciabatta ($9.99)- breaded chicken breast topped with cobbler baked apple slices, dried cranberries, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and honey Dijon sauce - sounds intriguing, doesn't it? I am a fan of the Bobbie sandwich at Capriotti's, which is basically Thanksgiving on a hoagie, so I was looking forward to trying a similar version here. Well, this was the perfect example of how sometimes something can sound good in theory but in reality, or in the hands of the wrong person, becomes a failure. In this case the sandwich was not totally without merit, but left plenty of room for improvement nonetheless. It seems appropriate to make a compliment sandwich for the Chicken Cobbler by pointing out something positive, followed by its problems, and finishing on another high note.

Dear Sandwich,
The ciabatta bread you were served on was fresh and performed it's job well. Unfortunately, you were too sweet and one dimensional. Your apples weren't necessarily a bad choice but the 'cobbler' didn't work for me. Additionally, I would like to see you served with crispy chicken that wasn't fried thirty minutes ago when I placed my order but not delivered until now. I hold this more against the slow kitchen and servers than you, so don't feel too bad. At least your chicken was still juicy. Finally, I'd like to commend you on your choice of plate partner - I very much enjoyed the fries!
Sincerely, Frugal Foodie

In addition to the sandwich, we had a bowl of chicken and dumpling soup ($5.99), which was flavorful but a little too thick. I won't quite compare it to gravy but it was moving in that direction. Ian also had a Bloody Mary that was one of the better he's had in town. The award for top Bloody Mary goes to Hash House, and is the only reason to ever step foot in that restaurant(Hash House exemplifies everything that is wrong with dining in America by encouraging people to eat enough food for a week in one sitting).

As I mentioned in my letter to Sandwich, the kitchen was ridiculously slow and the servers were sweet but not entirely competent. It took ten minutes to order our food and another thirty five to get it out, and this was on a Sunday morning in a Pub. I'd be weary of going back during peak times. My soup wasn't hot when it came out and we overheard the kitchen staff gripe, so I wasn't left with the best taste in my mouth (or maybe that was their spit?). Overall, we walked out of Three Angry Wives as Two Semi-Angry Customers, and will not likely be returning for the mediocre pub food.

Today's Food Rating: 6.5
Today's Drink Rating: 8.5

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