Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mundo 3

I wouldn't normally review a restaurant three times but last night Ian and I had two new dishes at Mundo that I thought you should know about. We started with the queso fundido ($12), which was a combination of four melted cheeses garnished with oven roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and a serrano chile drizzle, and served with tortillas. I loved the use of goat cheese, the mushrooms were cooked very well, and the spicy "drizzle" complimented the cheese nicely. It's a heart stopper of a dish so we didn't finish it and instead opted to save room for our entree, which was a fantastic idea. We split the filet mignon of Korobuta pork with ancho chile mango glaze and chose sauteed spinach for our side ($26). Though I think it's a stretch to use the words filet mignon to describe pork tenderloin, we both thought the dish was incredibly successful. The ancho rub on the outside of the perfectly cooked pork was wonderfully intense and the accompanying sauces really set it over the top. The mango relish on top was a fantastic sweet addition that cooled the pallet from the heat. Additionally, it was a huge portion so definitely worth the price. We thought maybe they super-sized it for us since go there frequently and have unabashedly expressed our opinions to the staff on each trip (some of which could have been taken as insults but were meant to be helpful pointers since we want the restaurant to succeed), but the waiter confirmed this is the amount everyone gets. So much for feeling special. The sauteed spinach side was great as well, and unique due to the addition of roasted jalapenos. I would absolutely get both again.

By the way, I'm sorry about the terrible photos. I hope they still make the food look as appetizing as it was.

Tonight's Food Rating: 8.75

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