Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know this picture from Chapala's isn't my most artistic photographic effort, but buffets are hard to capture on a (plastic) plate. Ian and I went here for brunch on Sunday, and though the place looks like a dive gaming bar from the outside, the inside is welcoming and the food is tasty and reasonably priced. They've managed to hang on for about as long as I've been alive, so they're probably doing something right.

On Sundays you can take advantage of a real bargain with the aforementioned buffet ($7.95). I'm not usually a fan of all-you-can-eat since I usually end up spending more than I consume, but this is a good one. For eight bones, you cant go wrong.

Selections included; shrimp ceviche; mole; chile verde; hominy soup; and cheesy roasted potato skins, amongst a handful of other more ordinary dishes. Everything was much better than I had expected. The ceviche was full of avocado and wonderfully fresh shrimp and the mole was fall-apart tender. The pork chile verde was probably my favorite, as it came very close to the mouth-watering version of my brother's full-time nanny and part-time cook, Dulce.

Dessert wasn't as impressive as the flan was mediocre at best. There was also something that reminded me of a caramel turtle pie. This was good, but so thick and sweet it was like eating candy. Next time I might splurge a little and get the tempting fried ice cream.

Even with a do-it-yourself buffet, the service was attentive and kind. The experience overall was one I'd like to repeat, so I'll be coming here on any given Sunday to save some money, eat good food, and support our local mom and pop's.

A note on family-run restaurants: I urge my readers to support the mom and pops of Vegas so we don't lose the good ones. I just found out we had another tragic casualty of the recession in Taqueria Los Parados, the wonderful little taco spot I raved about near Chapala's (I will sure miss their cheesy brocheta and tacos al pastor with the little slice of pineapple). If you like local and like to eat well, avoid the chains and patronize the places that really need you.

2101 S. Decatur
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 871-7805

Today's Food Rating:
Buffet: 9 (value taken into consideration)

Restaurant Rating: 7

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  1. Super review. I support your call for avoiding chains and going local, no matter where you are. In Vegas or otherwise. Would love to see this on www.dishfinders.com