Monday, April 26, 2010

Pepe's Tacos

Pepe's Tacos is a Mexican fast food restaurant with three locations around town. Ian and I happened to go the one on Boulder Highway since we had a booth that weekend at the Silver State Kennel Club dog show way out in Dog Fanciers Park. At one point it received accolades from the Review Journal's 'Best of Las Vegas,' but it must have been awhile ago since no date is attached to the awards seal on their menu. We shared the Super Burrito ($4.75) with asada (chopped grilled steak), but with any of their taco, burrito, and gordita options you can also choose from al pastor (marinated pork cooked like a gyro, I had a sample and it was very good), carnitas (deep fired pork), lengua (tongue), pollo (you can figure that one out), cabeza (beef head), buche (pork), chicharron (pork skin), chile verde (pork in spicy green salsa), or birria (marinated goat meat). Goat is actually leaner than chicken and is supposedly the new other white meat, which I only know because someone once tried to sell me a goat farm. It's difficult to find in America, but it is actually the number one consumed meat in the rest of the world. Anyhow, I probably should have tried it but didn't. I was happy with the steak option, however, and we also ordered a soft taco with chicken ($1.45), which was also very good. I saw someone order a bowl of menudo (tripe) which was served in a broth that looked incredibly rich and delicious, but I am not personally a fan of tripe so I'm not sure if I'd venture to try it. They have a colorful little accoutrement bar with spicy marinated carrots and onions, a few kinds of salsa, and chopped onions tossed with cilantro. These add to the meal tremendously allow you to cater to your own preferences. The prices on everything are really low, and you'd have a hard time leaving without feeling utterly stuffed if you spent ten dollars. Our meal for two was just $6.20, so Pepe's Tacos receives the Frugal Foodie seal of approval, even if they aren't technically part of 'The Best of Las Vegas' anymore.

Today's Food Ratings:
Super Burrito: 7.5
Chicken Taco: 7.5

Restaurant Rating: 4 (quick friendly service and clean, yet still a fast food place)

Would I go back? I WOULD

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  1. Wow! Your blog makes my mouth water.. I need a trip to Vegas, like NOW! :) nom. nom. nom.

    xx Love & Aloha